How Proxy Servers Help Increase Your Profits

How Proxy Servers Help Increase Your Profits

Our services can help you increase your business profits in real terms, through money saved on infrastructure, internal resources, and reduced churn. In this article, we’ll explain how using our MetaTrader proxy servers leads to real business gains.

How Does MT Proxy Help Forex Brokers Increase Profits?

MT Proxy offers customised Metatrader proxy server networks. Our proxy servers are strategically located to ensure the lowest latency towards the major trading hubs worldwide. You can use our services to expand and optimise your trading infrastructure in a way that is both affordable and hassle-free. What’s more, you can also use our services to keep price data and other information closer to clients, thereby reducing excess latency and ensuring the best possible trade execution for clients worldwide.

As part of our included services, MT Proxy also helps you monitor client connectivity and Metatrader proxy server performance in real-time. We automatically detect and respond to proxy server overloads, disconnections, and outages. This high level of support allows you to avoid major service disruptions and to better protect your business from server failure, latency arbitrage, and DDoS attacks. It also helps you to deliver a better online trading service, and to support clients who are experiencing connectivity issues.

How We Save You Money On Infrastructure

When it comes to choosing low latency trading solutions, many companies often look into co-location and VPS services. These are often popular solutions, as they allow companies to build their own Metatrader proxy server networks, and strengthen their existing trading infrastructure. However, these solutions rarely meet company needs in real terms.

Let’s take VPS solutions as an example. VPS services are great because you can use them to manage client-side data transfers and increase their data transfer speeds – thereby boosting your overall network performance. VPS services are also great because you can use them to filter out malicious data and protect your main servers – thereby boosting your overall network security too.

Now, the downside. VPS solutions are hard to configure. You need to know how to choose the best VPS server locations – in order to maximise network efficiency. You need to be sure that your chosen VPS provider has the necessary internet connections to be able to provide fast routes towards both the clients and the main Metatrader servers – in order to maximise performance. As anyone in IT will tell you – finding the right VPS locations, the right VPS connection routes, and the right pricing – well, it’s not easy.

That’s where MT Proxy can help – by offering a fully managed solution. We set up the Metatrader proxy server network for you, and we choose the best proxy server locations based on actual client data. We also use our personal connections and our extensive knowledge of internet service providers to make sure to get the best available connection routes. What’s more, we also monitor server performance in real-time. The result? You get all of the benefits of a VPS service – improved performance, better security, and greater affordability – without actually having to set up a VPS network. Easy!

How We Save You Money On Internal Resources

As you might know, expanding your trading infrastructure can be tricky. Even if you find the right VPS service, you still need someone to set it up and run it. And even with the right team, this can be tricky. Most likely you have a highly skilful team – but do you have someone who specialises in connection routes? And does that person have time to manage another (BIG) network project? Probably not.

That’s where MT Proxy can help. We provide a fully managed low latency trading solution. That means we set everything up for you – so you don’t need to worry if your team knows how to do it. It also means that we monitor server performance for you – so you don’t need to worry if your team has time to take care of it. And the best part – we automatically detect and respond to any potential Metatrader proxy server outages or disconnections – so you don’t need to worry if your team needs help.

This high level of support helps you expand your trading structure and it helps you keep things running smoothly – without stretching your budget or your internal resources..

How We Save You Money By Improving Client Retention

Nobody likes slow trading. It costs your clients money, through slippage. And it costs your business money, through lost clients. As you well know, expanding your trading infrastructure is tricky, but it is still the best way to improve your service and offer faster trading for your clients.

As you now know, MT Proxy can help you create a custom-built Metatrader proxy network. These proxy server networks help you get closer to your clients, reducing the amount of time it takes to send and receive data, and speeding up the trading process. They also help you get the most out of your network, leveraging the best connection routes, and providing better, more stable connections between you and your clients. This helps you create a better overall trading experience for your clients – one with better access to historical data, better price streaming, faster trade execution, and less slippage.

Everybody likes fast trading. It helps your clients make money, through better order fills. And it helps your business make money, through better client retention and more client referrals.

Why Use MetaTrader Proxy Servers

Using MetaTrader proxy servers can help you scale your trading infrastructure and improve your profitability, through money saved on low latency trading solutions, in-house project management, and improved client retention. To find out more about our MetaTrader proxy server networks, feel free to sign up for our free trial.

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