MT Proxy and OvertEd Markets Launch Partnership

MTProxy Partners With OvertEd Markets

OvertEd Markets and MT Proxy have announced the launch of a new strategic partnership. The two companies will be working together to champion both the financial and ethical benefits of investing in long-term brokerage strategy and quality of product offering to the mutual benefit of both brokers and their clients.

MT Proxy Partners With Overted Markets

In terms of services offered, OvertEd Markets will give forex brokers access to competitor intelligence and market share data, enabling them to identify key target markets and enhance their business strategy. MT Proxy will provide brokers with custom-built proxy server solutions, enabling them to improve their network security and offer their clients a better, faster online trading experience.

Joshua Bentley, Head of Research & Broker Strategy at OvertEd Markets, commented:

“We are delighted to be partnering with MT Proxy to promote best practice in the retail CFD/FX industry and help brokers develop sustainable business models that focus on long-term profit from targeted acquisition whilst ensuring that traders receive optimum trading conditions and quality execution. Investment in both strategic research and quality execution is understood by market leaders to be paramount to long-term success and we are excited to be collaborating with an innovative leader like MT Proxy to champion this sentiment”.

Kent Riboe, Managing Partner at MT Proxy, added:

“We’re excited that OvertEd Markets is joining our partner network. We share a similar view of the industry and what it takes to build a successful brokerage. As such, this partnership will be built around shared industry expertise.”

“We also share similar values when it comes to offering high quality service and excellent customer experience. OvertEd is focused on helping brokers grow their business, through competitor intelligence and market share data, and we’re focused on helping brokers improve their customer retention, through improved online trading services. Together, we hope to help brokers generate more leads, grow their revenue, and develop long-lasting relationships with their clients.”

The partnership developed through a shared understanding of the opportunities and challenges within the brokerage industry and joint analysis of successful corporate and product strategy. Central to this shared understanding is the optimisation of successful client acquisition and retention via a targeted approach that prioritises quality of offering and execution. The partnership will comprise of industry specific thought leadership and strategic education whilst exploring joint initiatives and product collaborations.

About OvertEd Markets

OvertEd Markets specialise in competitor intelligence and strategic research for the retail brokerage industry. The company maintains the largest database on the offering and activities of retail CFD/FX brokers globally and uses proprietary algorithms to provide an unparalleled depth of geographic specific market share data. The company’s core offering is deployed via a cloud-based platform that provides 24/7 access to near real-time data. For more information, contact OvertedMarkets.

About MT Proxy

MT Proxy provides custom-built proxy server networks. These networks enable brokers to boost connectivity, reduce excess latency, and offer a better, faster online trading experience to clients worldwide. They also enable brokers to better protect their businesses against DDoS attacks and latency arbitrage. For more information, contact us.

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