Low Latency Trading – With Axiance

Low Latency Trading With Axiance

For our latest industry interview, we spoke with Claudiu Dita, Head of English Desk in Business Development at Axiance. He shared his thoughts about Axiance’s values, innovations, and research. He also talked to us about what the company is doing to create an ethical, eco-friendly environment for its online trading clients.

Low Latency Trading With Axiance

Tell us about Axiance, why do clients choose you as their preferred broker?
You’re looking at a broker with high end technology and access to award-winning platforms. You’re also trading on a trusted, regulated platform, with excellent customer service. But most importantly, in our journey, we have travelled from the valley to the top of the mountain and vice versa and that has contributed in building what is now Axiance. Think that Axiance really lives up to its motto “Where values matter”, we have a new mentality in the sector, one that really cares about keeping traders on board on the long-term in an ethical, eco-friendly environment.

What are your top priorities when it comes to offering a great online trading experience?
User experience, because the look and feel will give you a first taste, and it better be a great one. Axiance looks great, our onboarding and design are friendly to the eye and very straightforward.

How important do you think low latency is to your clients?
If there’s one thing that needs to be perfect, it’s trade execution. Our clients will rely on how fast and accurately they can open or close a position. If you’re covered on this side, your clients are happy, they generate volume, and a healthy self-sustainable ecosystem develops.

What tools does Axiance offer to help clients improve their connectivity?
With the Axiance Virtual Private Server Hosting service our clients enjoy more control and flexibility over their environment. It allows low slippage thus a faster trade execution allowing you to take advantage of unique market prices. Traders can hold and control a virtual space where they run Expert Advisors 24/7 from any location and system. The cost/benefit ratio outperforms any hardware you would have to purchase, set up and maintain.

In your opinion, what are the main challenges that brokers face when trying to reduce latency?
A frequent problem that arises is when high frequency traders use powerful computers coded to make money on the back of real traders, they move faster and are looking to exchange positions. It’s what we call arbitrage trading and in some cases it’s illegal.

How do you ensure the same level of trade execution for all your clients worldwide?
Until now, we did our best to provide equal trading conditions no matter the environment. Now, with new technology around the block, we are looking at improving this and creating a stable environment without compromising.

How do you see the retail forex industry evolving in the next few years?
CFDs and crypto have been generating substantial revenues for brokerage firms, and some have moved towards a multi-asset role, with also a skyrocketing demand for copy trading. So these are three areas of growth to closely watch, alongside a growing automation solutions market, which is where certain brokers manage to stand out.

How is Axiance preparing for these changes and how will you build on your current success?
Axiance aims to shift, in the near future, towards a multi-asset model, with a more diversified range of products. We believe it’s important to provide access to products such as ETFs, direct stocks, mutual funds, to name a few.

About Axiance

Axiance was a modern-day broker guided by the core values of transparency and fairness, a company where innovation, technology and strategy meet a human and ethical approach to business. They saw their socially responsible operations and our ESG compliance as a duty towards their people and their clients. With the power of they technology, they sought to add real value to their clients’ investment activities on 300+ trading instruments and further build upon their ambition to follow an inventive approach in how they did business. Axiance is now closed.

About MT Proxy

MT Proxy provides custom-built proxy server networks. These networks enable brokers to boost connectivity, reduce excess latency, and offer a better, faster online trading experience to clients worldwide. They also enable brokers to better protect their businesses against DDoS attacks and latency arbitrage. To find out more about MT Proxy, sign up for our free trial.

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