Low Latency Trading – With FXPRIMUS

Low Latency Trading With FX Primus

We recently spoke with Nima Siar, Chief Sales Officer at FXPRIMUS, about low latency trading . Read on to hear his thoughts on the importance of offering fast trade execution and what FXPRIMUS is doing to ensure its clients get an excellent online trading experience.

What are your top priorities when it comes to offering a great online trading experience?
Quick withdrawals, minimal slippage, and quick support.

How important do you think low latency is to traders?
Very! We work with a lot of Money Managers whereby they need quick execution and tight spreads to be successful

In your experience, how much does latency influence their choice of broker?
Well it depends on the type of client as many clients are not very savvy when it comes to latency however any professional trader is surely to check execution before selecting a broker.

How good would you say the trade execution is at FXPRIMUS?
Recently, we moved to a new LP and a pure STP-model. Many brokers claim this but in fact they only A-Book clients when it suits them. All our orders are opened directly with our LP to ensure quick execution and also minimal slippage.

Do many traders move to FXPRIMUS after having latency issues with other brokers?
Over the last few years yes. Our trading conditions appeal to many money managers and professional traders thus we are constantly improving our offerings to support this niche more.

In your opinion, what are the main challenges brokers face when trying to reduce latency?
They want their entire book as a B Book which can be more profitable for them. So this can be hard to if not using an STP mode.

Do you find that there are certain countries where reducing latency is more challenging?
We have data centers across the globe so we don’t face this so much but I would say East Africa and maybe South America.

How does FXPRIMUS ensure the same fast trading for all its clients worldwide?
Some countries may have better execution than others however our Team is always looking at adding more and more data centers to better service our traders.

We offer clients of all experience levels opportunities to be sustainably successful in the online trading of forex, commodities, energies and indices. Our holistic approach extends beyond the basic provision of a trading platform, as we believe that successful traders should be provided with the best possible academic, technical and practical support throughout their trading journey.

About MT Proxy
MT Proxy provides custom-built proxy server networks. These networks enable brokers to boost connectivity, reduce excess latency, and offer a better, faster online trading experience to clients worldwide. They also enable brokers to better protect their businesses against DDoS attacks and latency arbitrage.

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